Cash On Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Khyber Courier Service provides the best Cash on Delivery services to online / e-commerce businesses. Apply for a COD account today and use the service.

Khyber Courier service now offers Cash on Delivery services to all customers wishing to sell their goods in over multiple locations nationwide. Khyber Courier C.O.D service ensures smooth delivery of orders with minimum risk of fraud. COD allows the customer to choose a product of their liking for home delivery, and pay at the time the product has been delivered.

We offer the best C.O.D. portal available for service and shipment tracking, and also to help you stay informed when payments have been received against your shipment. You can save time through our automated warehousing solutions.

Salient features:
  • Fast and secure transmission by Airmail/land
  • Safe and secure handling
  • Fast and assured delivery
  • Collection of Cash on Delivery payments
  • Weight limit up to 35 Kg